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A writer with a particular passion for war stories and comedy.



By kingfisher, May 31 2014 04:31PM

The main purpose of this blog is to stimulate and encourage discussion about the main subject matter of the site, the Nazis and the first and second world wars. I welcome serious questions from you and will do my utmost to provide you with well researched answers.

Oct 23 2014 03:47PM by Ray

War stories and comedy seem an unlikely combination. But then there have been a lot of comedies set in a war situation. One of my favourites was Allo Allo.
It will be interesting to see how you marry the two together.

Nov 5 2014 05:07PM by Fred

Truly an interesting viewpoint. I'm curious to see the correlation and more posts to follow.

Feb 5 2015 01:26PM by Ian

Hi, I am also very interested in the 1st and 2nd world wars. I read books and watch documentaries about them all the time. One of my favorite books is The Last Fighting Tommy about Harry Patch. What a great read and nearly bought me to tears. I suppose this book is popular because he was the last survivor of the trenches, but it must also have been the same for the millions of others who did fight there. I find it so hard to imagine what it must have been like. My great uncle, 18899 Private LL Williams Royal Welch Fusiliers, lost his life in Passchendaele, the third battle of Ypres and is buried at Essex Farm Cemetery. He got killed on 12th May 1917 aged 26. His brother (my Grandfather) lived till 1970. I am planning a trip to France and Belgium in the next couple of years to see some of the battlefields and to be at the Last Post in Ypres. I just have to plan it right so I can see as much as possible. Thanks. Ian.

Aug 24 2016 08:51AM by Ian

I offer my abject apologies to Ray, Fred and Ian; the people who posted their comments above. I have now recovered from a long and difficult illness and I am truly sorry for not being in a position to respond. Once again, I can only apologise for my lack of response.

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