Ian McKay

A writer with a particular passion for war stories and comedy.


The Nazis - The Third Reich: Genesis

Many people have asked themselves, how did Adolf Hitler manage to become the most powerful man in Germany, with absolute and unquestionable power over every aspect of German society? The answer to that question is simple; and, it can be given in just three words; The ‘Enabling Act’’. This iniquitous piece of legislation was passed on the 24th March 1933, and it gave Adolf Hitler, and his Nazi government, the authority to draft and pass new legislation, without the consent or control of the Reichstag. New laws could even be passed which could, and often did, deviate from the German Constitution. Once this act was brought into law it, unbelievably, totally eliminated the German Parliament from any involvement in German politics. With the passing of the ‘Enabling Act’ Adolf Hitler, and the Nazi party, became the absolute dictators of all Germany.


From somewhere out of the night, a piercing white spotlight lanced through the darkness picking out a large viewing window in the wall of the Presidential palace. At the window, which overlooked the Wilhelmstrasse, a man’s figure appeared. There was a roar from the crowd; and they cheered wildly as they recognised him, it was the frail and sick, eighty four years old, President Hindenburg. He slowly raised his hand, acknowledging the cheers of the crowd; he stood for a moment and looked at the crowds of cheering people, he waved once more before he turned away from the window, shaking his head as he shuffled back inside the Presidential Palace. As the old man disappeared, the spotlight went out and the surreal scene was lit only by the light of the flickering torches, as they picked out the colours of Nazi flags and banners.  


For a long moment there was no activity, high up in the palace window, but still the noise went on. The tension began to build up as the throbbing sound of the drums of the SA still rhythmically beat out their triumphant and demanding message. Then, in what must surely have been a carefully orchestrated plan by the propaganda minister Josef Göebbels, the darkness was again pierced by the blinding white beam of the spotlight. As it lit up the side of the palace, the drums beat out even louder and there were loud roars of, ‘Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil, Sieg Heil’! The crowd went wild with enthusiasm as they all gave the Nazi salute. It was very clear that, to the ordinary people of Germany, Hitler was a very popular choice. As they demanded his presence, the excited crowd began to roar out his name: ‘Adolf Hitler, Adolf Hitler’!


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